Into the White

White paper. White cloud. White hair. I walk through these landscapes slowly.

This year’s winter, rich with snow, is like a giant rubber. It erases entire world in front of my eyes. I become full of expectations. Although somewhere inside I feel silent and respectful fear of avalanches.

It could be a metaphor for the times we live in. Things tend to and finally must change – we need to draw something new. Sometimes skiing is drawing. I will draw a winter tree, bowed because of the cold snow weight, for you.

While I was tour skiing from mountain Raduha I scared a black grouse (Lyrurus tetrix) lying covered with snow under the spruce. The big vulnerable bird with red eyebrow flied into the cloud and left me surprised and regretful; animals need to spare their energy in the winter.

Winter makes me small and an almost unvisible dot in the vast white mountain area. The wind blows away my traces in a moment. I have to keep moving before the cold gets into my body. But I am happy, unearthly happy there.

Let’s walk into the white future. While walking my thoughts are becoming colourful. I wish you a colourful and encouraging year 2021!

All photos were made by phone (one of the phones was lost in the snow for one hour).

Photo: Uroš, Eva & Matej

Text: Uroš