The people

The people. They are such a treasure. After spending two months of our inseparable dual people were a breath of fresh air. For both of us, maybe for me even more.

I felt like I couldn’t escape myself and the constant village life that seemed so free and simple but, at the same time, so restrictive. I missed the verve of the city and chattering of friends.

When you travel people are coming and leaving all the time, or they don’t appear at all.  We had the luck we bumped into such a lovely group here at the residency. They brought the small delights of laughter, playfulness, creativity, questions about myself and us as partners. We managed to make the community I am dreaming about; to feel accepted, involved, have enough space, have conversations, create things together and take care for each other. What made us richer was that we were all so different.

Sometimes I am thinking how would it be to travel alone, like Kate does. When there is no one who gives you shelter and tries to understand you when you need it the most. You can be whoever you want when you meet new people and change faster than ever. Maybe get lost easier but feel the encounters deeper. I wonder…

It was funny when Uroš said how I am starting to really act as a performer; that I accepted the social role of being a performance artist, even though I was not feeling it at all. I think I started to believe in it when everybody was calling me so.

When our “Moroccan family” left, new people came and the place itself changed. Newcomers brought something we couldn’t quite understand and I felt like I don’t want to invest so much energy in relationships that will last only a week or two. I was tired of explaining what I am doing in my life, where we are going to travel next, but at the same time knew that I can’t resent them for not reading my mind. I appreciate being in touch with people by the silliness of our actions, music and meaningless chats. It feels liberating.

Elina and Jani brought free spirit and joy from Finland. It’s ridiculous we have so many obscure interests in common even though we live pretty far away. Elina feels like my older sister and Jani surprises me each time with his random acts of being funny. I think he sometimes looks like our cat, Mechina. I like to think about him this way.

Very soon Linda and Steve arrived. Two Americans who were the most inspiring people and who I want to remember when I am 60. They have just retired and want to travel around doing Workaway. They have been experiencing the world long before I was born but still danced to Macarena and drank wine with us by the newly built oven. First I was afraid we all got step parents but Steve fairly replied that after three children (and one grandchild) he has more than enough of being a father.

They left yesterday and I am sad about the fact I missed their farewell from Dar Slimane. I burst into tears after running to the big door hoping I will catch their taxi. It felt somehow funny crying after two retired people. Again I learnt how important farewells are and how meaningful is to tell people you love them when they are around you.

But let’s go and celebrate this surreal Christmas now. Our garden is still green, we are picking fresh mandarins from the trees and today we will celebrate being with each other here and now. And not to skip the fact we watched the Christmas episode of Medved Bojan cartoon in the morning while eating breakfast and made okarina whistles on Christmas Eve.

Hosein brought clay, saw that sounds very well with Tom Waits backing tracks and playful energy from Safi. It is nice to hear so much music around again.

Thank you beautiful people!

Text: Eva

Photo: Uroš & Eva