Performance & workshops


Uprooted / Izruvani (2019/2020)

Contemporary circus, 25 min. Watch trailer here.

Do you remember the silence and the story it tells? People are travelling desoletly carrying houseplants to protect themselves from the end of the world. When two of them meet, their bodies and belongings turn into a green refuge. How can they communicate through movement and juggling after the language dissapeared? Can they live together and bury the Death?

Toilet (2018)

Comedy & circus, 15 min.

One day something goes wrong with the toilet. A noble lady and her sly servant become sailors in the flood. Will they reach the distant coast? We follow their story spiced with object manipuation, juggling and acrobatics.


We offer street theatre and circus workshops, including juggling balls & clubs, slackline, rola bola and basic partner acrobatics. We encourage students to use their voice and body, connect as a collective and get relaxed in the situations out of their comfort zone. We create a laboratory-like space to share new ideas, creativity and laughter. Finally we play and try out our skills in the public space.