We couldn’t decide until the last moment, but finally we found the days when we can meet. In Marrakech.

I was really looking forward to seeing and hugging them. We went to the airport to pick them up and I could see mom and dad from afar at the arrivals, being so badass. Like it was yesterday when we were in our garden in Bled. So nice that the feeling of homeliness doesn’t disappear easily.

My grandmas baked Christmas deserts and I couldn’t believe they brought it to us from Slovenia.

We chatted the whole evening on the rooftop of their riad and were happy to be reunited. We laughed, updated each other about the latest events and thoughts about the future.

It makes me calm they understand how insecure I am about the future at the moment. My mom’s acquaintance said to her we should come home immediately and get a job. My mom commented: »Some people are so old fashioned!«

I smile on the inside while listening to their reactions and seeing how updated with the world they are. I feel their support makes everything a lot easier.

We were very busy as the days of our meeting were also the last days in Dar Slimane. We managed to arrange my parents came to visit the residency as well. It seemed strange to have two different contexts joined together all of a sudden.

It was also interesting to observe how some things in the relationship towards my parents disappeared and some of them remained. How to accept your parents as humans who have their glittery and quirky sides. It is amazing how unconditionally they love you as a child.

The time was passing quickly and soon we had to head towards the North to get rid of the car. It went faster than we thought; we reached Fes, going all the way from Marrakech, through Salé and Ceuta, in two days.  My parents were still there, waiting for us in another riad. As I would come home from the working week. We made a day trip to Roman ruins in Volubilis and visited pilgrimage Moulay Idriss.

I loved our last day when we just strolled around the Jnan Sbil park and talked about social issues in the world. We went to a sunset concert in Cafe Clock, ate cakes and played board games while listening to Moroccan drums. We were remembering the moments 10 years ago when I gave my dad a note for Christmas saying I wish him to go travelling, because he was always either at home, either working. It is happening.

Text: Eva

Photo: Uroš, Eva, Damjan & Anamarija