Light Inside The Trees / Svetloba v drevesih


Friday // 5. 2. – Monday // 8. 2. 2021

Welcome to your home cinema!

What are you going to see? The program of 7 films Light Inside the Trees will flash up with 4 experimental short films based on microscopic images of wood anatomy, making the line between concrete and abstract disappear and opening the space for imagination. These films will be followed by Spirits, meditative hymn to nature, and two pre premieres: Primeval Memory and Waste Land. The last one presents an utopian view of our possible future, while the former is questioning our primal connection to forest through fictional rituals.

The projection opens on Friday, 5. 2. 2021, at 20.00. The program will be available here on the website for 4 days, till the end of Monday, 8. 2. 2021, when we celebrate cultural holiday in Slovenia. Duration of the program: 70 min.

Join us on an exciting and unusual film trip! I will be happy to hear from you any questions, comments or thoughts. Feel free to send me an email, handwritten letter or use Undertree‘s social media (IG, FB).

Uroš Marolt

1. Wood (Les)

2015, Slovenia, SD images & miniDV, 4:3, colour, 4′. Trees are travelling fast this time.

2. Origin Of A Human (Izvor človeka)

2016, Slovenia, SD images & miniDV, 4:3, colour, 3′. Mystical journey into the forest of unknown colours towards our origin.

3. Tree Sap (Drevesni sok)

2016, Slovenia, SD images & miniDV, 4:3, colour, 14′. Saps inside the trees are abstractly roaming from the winter to the late autumn. Music is determined with the structure of annual rings as the round section of a tree trunk would be rolling on the gramophone.

4. Metamorphosis (Metamorfoza)

2017, Slovenia, SD images & miniDV, 4:3, colour, 5′. In the antique myth Daphne is running away from Apollo who is in love with her. She can only escape turning into a tree. Film follows microscopic metamorphosis of human blood cells into cells of the tree.

5. Spirits (Duhovi)

2019, Slovenia, HD, 16:9, colour, 22′. Our ancestors believed in spirits. Detailed observations of nature phenomenon reveal they still exist.

6. Primeval Memory (Praspomin) PRE PREMIERE!

U. Marolt & Gaja N. Rojec, 2020, Slovenia, HD, 16:9, colour, 15′. Forest becomes darker deeper inside. Mysterious beings are carrying out secret rituals there. Remember. It was in the primeval forest.

7. Waste Land (Pusta dežela)PRE PREMIERE!

2020, Earth, HD, 16:9, colour, 7′. Video letter sent from the future reveals the world turned into the desert. English subtitles are available.

A thought for the end … If you watched everything on the program and came down here, you must have strong roots and you know how to travel slowly. I wish you wonderful exploration of the world around you, all kinds of up-coming films and the dreams they are made of. Keep your curiosity vivid! Thank you for watching.

Uroš Marolt

*If you want to know more about my filmmaking, listen to the podcast (Intimni kino GT22, 2019). Language: Slovenian.