New short experimental film – Premiere: 10th of December 2022 at Alternative Film Video Festival Beograd

Gravity of a Thought from the Boltzmann’s Brain

Boltzmann’s brain thought experiment is a basis for a film mirage, merging theoretical physics with abandoned hayracks, ideas of space-travel pioneer Herman Potočnik with a thousand-years-old text of Monumenta Frisingensia, partisan monuments and post-war massacres memorial with spaces of alternative culture and stadium … When gravity changes its direction, Ljubljana’s city landscape awakens among the flying spheres in the abstract nightmare.

While travelling around by sphere, aren’t we dreaming? (2022)

Heisenberg’s uncertainty principle says: we cannot measure the position and the momentum of a particle with absolute precision. If the world is falling apart, aren’t the particles becoming planets on their own? Microscopic wood anatomy images are used as the textures of the flying spheres.

Site-specific installation (2021/22):


What shines from the trees in the dark. What water brings.

Outdoor video gallery is an event, installed in the nature place with trees. The tree trunks and driftwood turn into a platform for experimental films based on microscopic images of wood, bluring the distinction between the concrete and the abstract. Playing on the central screen, made of plastic debris, is the film Spirits, a meditative tribute to nature. The project has been developed by Uroš Marolt in years of creative exploration of unusual shapes in nature and often creating sounds using materials found in a forest. The combined running time of the line-up of 9 films is 70 minutes and enables meeting and hanging out in the hypnotical environment.



As a student of forestry engineering I encountered microscopic images of wood anatomy and made a series of films based on those images. The line between concrete and abstract disappears and opens the space for imagination. Beauty and secret of nature are basis for my authentic visual research. Sounds are often made with materials found in the forest.” Uroš Marolt

1. Wood (Les). 2015, Slovenia, SD images & miniDV, 4:3, colour, 4′. // Trees are falling and rising.

2. Origin of a human (Izvor človeka). 2016, Slovenia, SD images & miniDV, 4:3, colour, 3′. // Mystical journey into the forest of unknown colours towards our origin.

3. Prints (Odtisi). 2016, Slovenia, miniDV, 4:3, colour, 3′. // Winter forest. All the prints are saved in the snow before it even falls.

4. Tree Sap (Drevesni sok). 2016, Slovenia, SD images & miniDV, 4:3, colour, 14′. // Saps inside the trees are abstractly roaming from the winter to the late autumn. Music is determined with the structure of annual rings as the round section of a tree trunk would be rolling on the gramophone.

5. Fibre (Vlakno). 2017, Slovenia, SD images & miniDV, 4:3, colour, 5′. // Four elements air, water, soil and fire in the relation to wood.

6. Metamorphosis. 2017, Slovenia, SD images & miniDV, 4:3, colour, 5′. // In the antique myth Daphne is running away from Apollo who is in love with her. She can only escape turning into a tree. Film follows microscopic metamorphosis of human blood cells into cells of the tree.

7. 36,6 °C. 2017, Slovenia, SD images & miniDV, 4:3, colour, 2′. // Wood is burning with the temperature of a human body.

8. Embodying (Utelešanje). 2018, Slovenia, HD, miniDV & archive footage, 4:3, colour, 5′. // Trees are touching each other with roots passionately as bodies of lovers.

9. Spirits (Duhovi). 2020, Slovenia, HD, 16:9, colour, 22′. // Our ancestors believed in spirits. Detailed observations of nature phenomenon reveal they still exist.

10. Primeval Memory (Praspomin). 2020, Slovenia, HD, 16:9, colour, 15′. Uroš Marolt & Gaja N. Rojec. // Forest  becomes darker deeper inside. Mysterious beings are carrying out secret rituals there. Remember. It was in the primeval forest.

11. Infinite Meeting (Neskončno srečanje). 2021, Slovenia, HD, 16:9, colour, 2′. 2 channel video installation. // Two bugs are reaching each other endlessly.

12. Waste Land (Pusta dežela). 2021, Earth, HD, 16:9, colour, 7′. // Once the world was green. The winds brought sand and the erosion of memory started. A film-letter, sent from the future, made of travelling footage.

13. While travelling around by sphere, aren’t we dreaming? 2022, Slovenia, SD, 4:3, colour, 6′. // Heisenberg’s uncertainty principle says: we cannot measure the position and the momentum of a particle with absolute precision.

Spirits, 2022
Wood, 2015

36,6 °C, 2017
Embodying, 2018
Primeval Memory, 2020

Meditation on Birth (2020)

Birth vs. Death & Digital vs. VHS. Which format are you and your memories made of? Film is made of digital found footage, but materials are rewinded in video-like collage. Grotesque birth from the coffin is the start of a new life gravitating towards the Mother.

Past film projections:

Slovenska Kinoteka/Slovenian Cinematheque

Kino Otok/Cinema Isola Festival

Alternative Film Video Festival, Belgrade, Serbia

Intimni Kino GT22, Ekstremno slovensko/Intimate Cinema GT22, Extremely Slovenian

Videofestival narave, Bežigrajske galerije, MGML/Videofestival Natures, Bežigrad Galleries, MGML

FeKK – Festival kratkega filma Ljubljana/Ljubljana short film festival

Festival neodvisnega filma/Festival Of Independent Film, Slovenia

Some like it short film festival, Prague, Czech Republic

& others

Podcast on filmmaking

Listen to the podcast (2019) about Uroš Marolt’s filmmaking. Language: Slovenian.

Slovenian Cinematheque, 2018 (photo: Gaja N. Rojec)