Farewell, Skodillac!

We wake up and take pullovers and scarf away from the windows. The sun is rising above the sea just in front of our car we were sleeping in! I realise these are the last moments with Skodillac.

After 10000 km on the roads from Ljubljana, Slovenia, we wanted to sell the car in Morocco. But the law there is complicated and taxes for importing the car, older than 5 years, can reach 100 % of it’s value. To not even mention the months long procedure of signing the papers. Selling the car on the black market is not an option, because the customs collect your data and on the border they ask you about the car while leaving the country, as it is only a temporary importation.

In Marrakech people interested in buying the car arrived to see it, but we couldn’t say the price not knowing the tax. We got an offer to change the car for a donkey in Ait-Ourir. But in the end we decided to try our luck in Ceuta, a part of Spain on the northern coast of African continent.

After crossing a busy border we visited a few official car sellers but found out the car is too old and nobody would invest in it. The last option: ‘Baja.’ Junkyard. Let’s have a beer and think about it.

After 10 years of common adventures with the car I did a final juggling on it’s roof in front of the junkyard. We took plates and the radio. They will listen to it in Morocco. We grabbed our baggage. Such a strange feeling suddenly carrying everything we have by ourselves! I felt somehow naked. Goodbye, Skodillac. Let’s go to Fes. Then Dakar.

And we left with a taxi towards the border.


Moments with Skodillac during our trip. Most listened song was When I grow up.

Text: Uroš

Photos: Eva & Uroš