Excerpts from postapocalypse

~ U P R O O T E D ~

Dar Slimane, 19. 12. 2018 & 30. 12. 2018

“The desert” behind the sanctuary door. We will never have a performance venue like this again. It is the setting we wanted to have for us as actors and audience as witness of our creation at the sunset. The world is over, what remains?


Project Soar, 23. 12. 2018

Performing at 9am on a rooftop. Unexpected moments of laughter. Debate. Connecting theory and practice. Afterwards the girls asked me to sing one more song for them. Zrejlo je žito.


Djemaa El Fna, 4. 1. 2019

A bunch of people make a circle around us before we even do anything. The women doing henna tattoos scream at us because we are taking their territory. A policeman comes and locals help us with translating. We move to a place deeper in the square with all the people waiting for us to perform; yalla, yalla. A woman from Tangier is hugging me after the show and I am blessed by Allah!


Ecole Mycellium, 7. 1. 2019

It is where our plant inspiration comes from and where the banana tree for the show grew up. The school where my ideals about the school system come true. The place of discussion that some things just don’t need to make any sense.

Any sense.

Text: Eva

Photos: Hosein, Jani, Belen & Anamarija, edited by Uroš