Ending the season

This season we planted our first little balcony garden together and took care of it. Today we are harvesting a bunch of tomatoes and aubergenes. Touring in Germany and escaping our home wouldn’t give us any grown vegis. On the contrary, our balcony was flourishing with flowers and fruits which usually doesn’t happen with constant leaving and neglecting the plants.

The performing season was giving us some food for thaughts and offered challanges. Honestly I was giving up the show a little bit and loosing quite some motivation while many plans were cancelled. Jaša Jenull, a theatre director of Tretja roka association, gave us the first push in December when he encouraged us to give the show more storyline and structure as well as motivated us with his energy and trust in our work.

Matija Solce, a puppeteer and musician, helped us to improve our object theatre techniques at his workshops. Our red teapot woke up in a new life! In the meantime, Ravil Sultanov, a juggler and clown, was giving us tips from Russian juggling school.

The new music and sound perspective found it’s way into the show. We wanted to keep the sounds of breathing and moving and even emphasise them so we tried out how performing with head microphones works. It turned out great, giving us more articulation and expression.

How to include the audience was the tricky question. Can we make the public space a little cooler, greener and kinder together – more like a living room?

Trying to comunicate with people through our “skull creature,” reacting on audience’s feedback and emotions was someting we really had to work on. Before we gave them plants to hold we had to desinfect the pots. Who even imagined this strange action half a year ago?

Two weeks ago we reserved studio GAM to prepare the show for the final stage of the season – Urbana Ljubljana competition at Ana Desetnica festival. After the first practice Uroš got sick. The following week was a downer indeed. After all we got to perform in a great and relaxed atmosphere and felt enormously thankful to Ana Monro and their team who is supporting us throughout the whole process.

Finally, we became creatures with plants and hand sanitizer in our backpack. If you wish to see us at your local festival or you can, even better, bring us there, write to us and we will be very happy to respond and collaborate!

Text: Eva

Photo: Luka Dakskobler and Tjaž Juvan