Around Annapurna in colours

Tibetan prayer flags are flattering in the wind. Their colours are in high contrast with a white background of Himalaya, the home of gods.

Red and pink are colours of blooming rhododendrons. Green are the terraced fields with young wheat and apple trees. Gold is the colour of temples. Gray are silhouettes of women coming through the dense fog towards me on the ridge. They are carrying heavy baskets but when they reach snow, they start snowballing and invite me to join their joyful game. Yellow is the colour of sunrise. Streets of Kagbeni are filled with goats and this is black. Yaks are black, too, and so is my tiredness. Square forms of wood on the roofs are brown. Silver is washing with sacred water in Muktinath. Shooting the devil with an arrow in Chame is a ceremony of orange scarves. Blue is the colour of Eva’s backpack as she was carrying the sky.

You can read more about our journey on foot around Annapurna in the article Black and white world II: Annapurna.

Text: Uroš

Photo: Uroš & Eva