About us

Undertree is a duo of young Slovenian artists, Uroš Marolt and Eva Mulej, working in mediums of street theatre & contemporary circus, film, music and pedagogics. We studied street theatre in Šugla, Ana Monro Theatre School in Ljubljana, and are active at Cirkokrog, Slovenian circus association.


Undertree was established in August 2018 when we started to travel from Slovenia to Morocco, performing on the streets with a comedy show Toilet. Afterwards we were developing a contemporary circus performance Uprooted at artist residency Dar Slimane near Marrakech. In February we were cooperating with cultural centre Le Chateau in Saint Louis, Senegal, working on a social circus project. We continued teaching and creating through Atlas Association in Las Palmas, Gran Canaria. In July 2019 we presented our performance Uprooted at Ana Desetnica street theatre festival in Ljubljana. We continued performing in Slovenia (Floating Castle festival, Reciklart, Ana Mraz, Kavč festival, Klovnbuf …) and Croatia (festival Artery).

(Photo by Delphine Warrin, 2019)

Our artist mission is to incorporate different disciplines to create a new language, spoken by the performers, and a small world, happening here and now, between the performers and the audience. In our artistic research we often work with primal materials (soil, bone, water) as we seek for expression of primal in human relations. While making art we remain travellers.”